What is Kaizen?

You want your relationship to be great. You want it to be:

Couple indoors smiling












And, you have times like that or else you would not have stayed in the relationship.

You love your partner, or at least, you love some things about your partner, some of the time. There are a few things—or maybe even a whole lot of things—that could improve. That’s why you’re here, looking for help support and answers!

When things go sideways, or very, very wrong in your relationship, you want them to change. You want them fixed, and you want them fixed now! You want the pain, fear, frustration and stress to stop.

You would like to be able to fix the big issues in your relationship in one fell swoop. In fact, you may even think that that is supposed to be possible. But, it doesn’t work that way!

That’s where Kaizen comes in.

kaizen symbolKaizen is such a beautiful word. It is simple, crisp and optimally descriptive of the very best ways for you to approach everything in your world. It is the optimal way to approach your relationships, for sure!

Kaizen is a combination of two Japanese words that replace this sentence:

Consistently taking small incremental steps that make sustainable positive improvements.

That’s a lot to say. The Japanese eloquently shorten all that to the word, Kaizen. It is comprised of two Japanese words, kai which means “change”, and zen which means “good.” So, simply “good change,” change that moves you in a positive direction, closer to clarity, love, respect, and to one another.

You want to steadily move forward in small ways that consistently improve your relationship with your partner. You want to know there are effective steps you can take, now and in the future, that will always keep you moving towards the greater truth, trust and emotional intimacy that are at the heart of love.

You want reliable steps you can return to again and again. You want to know what those steps are, and how to take them together, effectively, consistently and joyfully. Kaizen for Couples shows you the ways, particularly when you engage with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler in the Kaizen for Couples Private Program.

Let’s work together to cultivate a relationship you both thrive in!

You don’t have to wait for a breakdown in your relationship to have a breakthrough.
Don’t wait. Act.

Working together with me, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, creator of the Kaizen for Couples and Exercising Love programs, will empower you to make step-by-step, small changes, improving your relationship daily, alone and together.

That’s Kaizen for Couples!