Relationship Help For Couples

Your relationship with your partner is foundational to your life and your well-being.

There is nothing as fulfilling as a loving, respectful, mutually-supportive relationship!

Are you are ready to take great steps to improve the love, trust and intimacy in your relationship?

Get started right away, working directly with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor.

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The KAIZEN for COUPLES™ program offers you the guidance you need to discover, uncover and recover the love, trust and intimacy you deserve to create together.

Dr. Shaler offers private sessions, weekend retreats, webinars and small group classes to provide couples who are prepared to ‘do the work’ with the skills, information, insights and communication strategies that will bring them the relationship they most want.

Is your relationship fulfilling and emotionally intimate?

You know it on those days, years or moments when you feel loved, understood, accepted and cherished.

And, if by chance it is not, you are missing the richness that a loving, respectful, honest and trusting–and emotionally intimate–partnership offers you both. 

Don’t miss out. It’s available to you.


The guided process of growing love, trust and intimacy in game-free, blame-free, non-manipulative ways

You want to be known, to be seen, heard, appreciated, cherished and loved.  So does your partner.  In the deepest places in your hearts, you both want that.

It’s what you long for: walking with that one special person, your partner, where you are both safe to be vulnerable, transparent and “a work in progress”.


We each need that one safe haven we can create for each other.

KAIZEN for COUPLES takes you there.

The most important gift you can give your relationship–and your partner–is the willingness to walk with them through the KAIZEN for COUPLES program. You will be systematically moving towards a more loving, fulfilling and cherishing relationship with small changes that will grow and last.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler created this program to give you both a safe place to learn, grow, change and flourish together.

You would not be looking at this program if all was as you want it to be in your relationship. I know. You may have been reading books and scouring websites for insights, strategies and inspiration to help. That might be how you arrived here!

After thirty years of working with couples, I know that it takes willingness, time and commitment to grow your relationship. Sometimes clients come to me and want everything fixed in a session or two.  That doesn’t work.

Relationships grow apart or go sideways over time, in small ways and large. Giving you a new map and a new direction also takes time. That’s why I created the KAIZEN FOR COUPLES  programs.

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Get a copy of Kaizen For Couples today. Available in paperback and kindle ebook on,