Urgent CareIs your relationship needing to call 911?

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, offers the urgent care you need when things fall apart, are holding on by a thread, or when your relationship is gasping for air.

URGENT CARE means your relationship’s health is your top priority, and you know you cannot delay treatment another minute or it may not survive.

If you feel–or have been told–that your relationship is on its last legs, or gasping for breath and you don’t want it to die, you can get the urgent care you need quickly. Think about this:

  • Just as when you are sick and needing medical care right away, there are times when your relationship seems to be in the throes of imminent demise and it needs expert help to revive it. Through this special program, you can have the 0037-0601-1919-1514urgent care you need from Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor.
  • Just as when you are really ill and wanting to recover, you know you need immediate help and there is no question that it is a priority. You need help now, not a month from now, or when it is more convenient. It’s never convenient. You know the urgency. It’s the top thing on your mind, and you want to survive. You have to do the same when your relationship is in real trouble. Make it a top priority.
  • Just as you don’t turn to your best friend or your mother to treat your collapsed lung, you need experienced urgent care for what threatens your relationship. Sympathy and empathy will not help you breathe and stay alive.  The same is true with your relationship. It’s urgent. It may be dying. You want it to live. You need help NOW!

URGENT CARE FOR COUPLES is an intensive program to uncover underlying issues, discover new directions and recover the trust, love, commitment and intimacy you once had and always long for…in a focused, laser-like way.

  • IN-PERSON URGENT CARE:  This intensive program takes place in-person in Escondido, working with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler three hours each day for six days.  This is for couples who are very serious about doing all they can to make their relationship a top priority. They know it is urgent to breathe life into their relationship by giving them a transfusion of insights, skills, and approaches.


  • ONLINE URGENT CARE:  This is the same intensive care delivered online through Skype video on an every second day for two weeks.


Each program is delivered personally by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, privately with you and your partner.

Once you have registered, you will receive instructions on how to schedule your program as soon as possible.  She’ll work with you to find the off-schedule times that make meeting with that intensity possible.

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If coming to Escondido for the program, you provide your transportation, hotel & meals. 

These programs are non-refundable.
WHY? Because you make a good decision to work together on your relationship, and then you change your mind, get scared, or have another blow up, and Dr. Shaler has blocked off the time for you when you purchased the program. You can re-schedule, though!

You chose each other for good reasons. Come and learn how to get back to that once-great relationship, or to a new, improved, more intimate relationship now.